Amaro: Fans Only Care About Wins and Losses

Statement comes at the Rothman Institute Sports Summit.

Via comes coverage of the Rothman Institue Sports Summit, which has brought together the general managers of all Philly pro sports teams. Who can say something aggravating first?

There you go! And it immediately brought this response on Twitter:

Well, ahem, we wouldn’t say it quite like that. But to Ruben, assuming that a quote coveyed via Twitter holds up: Duh. We watch sports because they’re fun. Watching a losing team is not as much fun. That’s not a moral failing or anything. You’re in the entertainment business, at the heart of it. It costs a fair amount of money to take family to your games! So entertain us! Or try better to act like we’ll be entertained soon! It’s when we’re not being entertained and have no prospect of it soon — say, like the current edition of the Phillies — that we fans get grumbly and find other things to do. That’s our right.