Montco Man Starts Write-In Campaign for Governor

Dave Naples won't accept cash contributions, will take Facebook "likes."

Well, maybe this will liven up a humdrum election campaign.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports a Montgomery County man named Dave Naples is running a write-in campaign for governor — taking on the large bank accounts and established organizations behind Gov. Tom Corbett and Democrat Tom Wolf with … the power of Facebook. The problem? His Facebook page had only 44 “likes” as of this morning.

He says:

I will not be asking for campaign donations. There will be no fundraisers, no donations by interest groups, no major media buys, no advertising. I will not be asking anyone to pay to advertise on my behalf. I will not be handing out refrigerator magnets, buttons, lapel pins, pens, hats, flags, or any other election-related paraphernalia.

The only things I will accept are likes and shares. Spread the word. Share this with everyone you know, and people you don’t. Put it on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ (I’m sure the eighteen or so people who are using it would be fascinated), Instagram, the bulletin board in your local supermarkete … anywhere. Let’s get the word out.

His point? “That money has become too central to our politics, that the idea of a government by the people, of the people, and for the people has been replaced with the notion that the only way to win in politics is to either be rich or connected, and preferably both.”