5 End-of-Summer Shore Ideas (That Don’t Involve Sitting in a Labor Day Crowd)

Summer's not over yet. Put down that pumpkin beer and get thee to the shore.


The window on summer is quickly closing (or already closed, you jerks already drinking pumpkin beer).

But we still have hot weather, and there’s still time to get another Jersey Shore fix beyond just sitting on the beach in a crowd.

Here are five ideas for doing just that — covering the entirety of the Jersey Shore. I do stray north of Brigantine sometimes.

  1. Play pinball at Silver Ball Museum. Yes, you know about Wildwood’s retro pinball. But did you know there’s also a pinball museum right on the boardwalk in Asbury Park? It’s one of my favorite things to do in Bruce’s town. Follow it up with drinks at Langosta Lounge or a stroll down the boardwalk.
  2. Take your dog to Higbee Beach. This Delaware Bay beach used to be a nudist beach (and some still use it that way), but now it’s mostly used by people who want a beach without the waves — and by dog lovers. Just make sure to bring enough bags to pick up after your dog, plus some extra water for your pooch.
  3. Drop your drawers at Gunnison Beach. Which you can do because it’s still a nude beach. This isn’t for everyone, but if that’s your bag, go for it while it’s still warm enough to walk around in your birthday suit.
  4. Bike the boardwalk. I don’t care which one — any will do. Just make sure you stick to your bike lane if it’s marked, and to get off the boardwalk when they tell you to. Also: If you opt for the surrey route, just know that they’re rarely as fun as they look once you get down the boardwalk a few blocks — but they do make for cute pictures.
  5. Buy your new shore hoodie. I’m partial to those from Wave One, but any such piece of clothing with your favorite shore town on it will do. After all, it’ll soon be cold enough to wear it. While drinking a pumpkin beer.

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