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Jen A. Miller

Be Well Philly

Finally, the Marathon Philly Deserves

Necessary — and long-overdue — change is coming to Philly’s big race.

City Life

Photographic Proof: Beach Access Opponents are Wrong

Miller: Providing ample amenities for out-of-towners hasn’t ruined Redondo Beach; it won’t ruin the Jersey Shore.

City Life

Sandy’s Second Anniversary Harder Than First

Miller: We have a clearer picture of just how bad things still are.

City Life

5 Big Jersey Shore Stories, Revisited

Miller: Looking back on the trends that defined the summer of 2014.


Four Jersey Shore End-of-Summer Steals to Shop Now

Get while the getting’s good.

City Life

5 End-of Summer Shore Ideas

Miller: None of them involve sitting in a Labor Day crowd.

City Life

OCNJ Vs. OCMD Headline Quiz

Two states. Two OCs. Whose news is whose?

City Life

Quit Your Whining About Jersey Shore Hotel Prices

Miller: Five reasons you’re not going to get a deal during peak season — and why it’s worth it anyway.

City Life

New Jersey’s Dumbest Lawsuit Ever

Miller: Let Boardwalk Pizza keep their logo already. It reminds people of home.

City Life

8 Ways to Survive the Busy Season at the Shore

Miller: For when everyone’s mother, brother, sister-in-law, and cousin twice removed descends on Jersey’s beautiful beaches.

City Life

Three Strikes for Atlantic City

The decline of a once-great gaming town is accelerating.

City Life

Maybe AC Does Have a Non-Gambling Future

Miller: Finally, some good news for the beleaguered shore town.

City Life

Goodbye Showboat. Goodbye Revel? Goodbye A.C.?

Miller: Revel could end up as a monument to Atlantic City’s broken dreams.

City Life

I Went to the New Scores Outdoor “Gentleman’s” Club

Miller: What’s the big deal about a strip club inside a casino?

City Life

Jersey Shore Smoking Ban Has a Gigantic Loophole

Miller: There’s just no such thing as an 80-percent smoking ban.