Newtown Man to Face Trial for Ear Biting

"Paramedics found the missing chunk of ear in the parking lot."

James Worthington will face trial on charges he bit and mangled another man’s ear on St. Patrick’s Day in Newtown Township.

Anthony McGeehan, the alleged victim, described the fight at a preliminary hearing this week. The Bucks County Courier Times reports the two men were complete strangers, got involved in an argument that became an all-out fight. The two fell to the ground as they grappled:

While his hands were covering his face, he alleges that Worthington bit his neck, which court documents say resulted in an abrasion with an imprint of Worthington’s front teeth; the second bite led to what was described as “an auricular amputation” of the outer ear. Paramedics found the missing chunk of ear in the parking lot.

McGeehan also testified that doctors had to remove part of his stomach tissue to save the remaining cartilage in the damaged ear.

Following the incident, Worthington reportedly entered a mental health treatment center in California. He remains free on bail in ear-biting case and a domestic violence case involving his one-time girlfriend.