PETA Freaking Out on Princeton Over Marmoset Monkey Business

Oh, the humanity.

Usually, when we hear PETA making noise about monkeys, it involves researchers shooting cute little monkeys full of horrible chemicals or killing them in the name of science. But in this latest case, the accused may have outdone all previous instances of animal cruelty, because the allegations involve — are you sitting down? — a FERRET EXERCISE BALL.

PETA has fired off formal complaints to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health alleging that researchers at Princeton University stuck a marmoset in a ferret exercise ball and rolled the ball down the hallway — something that we’re pretty sure we’ve seen in an Adam Sandler movie.

Immature, yes. But PETA-worthy? Apparently.

PETA learned of the incident after receiving a report from an anonymous whistleblower. According to a story in the Daily Princetonian, the university is investigating and could face fines or be forced to repay research funds.

Below, letters that PETA sent to the school and to the government agencies.