Hey Philly, You’ll Never Guess Who Made the “Unhappiest Cities” List

Pennsylvania, in general, is just sad.


This is the symbol of deep discontent.

God as our witness, we have no idea whether this is good news or bad news. So let’s try it:

Philly, you’re on a new list of America’s unhappiest cities. 

But you only rank No. 10.

Apparently Buffalo is sadder. Saint Louis more filled with ennui. Louisville has no reason to live apart from the once-a-year Kentucky Derby. We’re not surprised to see Detroit on the list. But Pittsburgh is No. 2. Pittsburgh?

In fact, a close look at Joshua Gottlieb’s list of cities on his happiness index makes us think Pennsylvania has a bit of a problem.

We’ve got two cities on the “most-unhappy big cities” list, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. And we’ve got three cities on the “most-unappy metro regions” list, basically of smaller cities: Scranton, Erie and Johnstown. “Non-metropolitan West Virginia” and Jersey City are only a stone’s throw away.

What’s wrong with Pennsylvania? Why can’t we be happy? Why? [University of British Columbia]