Corbett Already Campaigning Against Wolf

Incumbent was already running adds before Tuesday's primary election.

And just like that, the general election campaign for Pennsylvania governor has started.

The Inquirer reports:

For the last several weeks, Gov. Corbett’s reelection campaign has portrayed Wolf in television ads as a looming tax-and-spend menace, while the Pennsylvania GOP, with direct-mail attack pieces sent to Democrats, worked to poke holes in his rosy story of business success.

Though Corbett is considered vulnerable — polls have shown only about a quarter of voters believe he deserves a second term — political analysts and Republican strategists still say he could win.

In the incumbent’s favor: plenty of campaign cash, exploitable questions about Wolf, the unpopularity of the Democratic president, and the typical demographics of midterm electorates, which skew Republican.

Wolf’s personal fortune won’t be the advantage it was during the primary; he has said he won’t self-fund during the general election. Right now, that leaves Corbett with a $6.3 million to $1.6 million cash advantage for now, though that’ll probably even out as donors turn their attention to fall.