Buffalo Bills Fans Boycotting Bon Jovi Music

They're worried he'll move the team to Canada.

AP reports: “A Bills fans club recently founded to keep the NFL team in western New York has started an online petition to ban songs by Bon Jovi. The New Jersey rocker has been linked to a Toronto-based developer interested in purchasing a franchise and moving it to Canada’s largest city.”

This happens as Jon Bon Jovi gets increasing support to join the league.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks Jon Bon Jovi rocks. And Jones isn’t just talking about the New Jersey-born superstar’s music.

“I don’t know of anyone that I have any more respect for as a father, or as a husband, or certainly as a potential business partner,” Jones said at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead during the NFL’s spring owners meetings.

“Jon Bon Jovi is first class.”

Can’t blame the Buffalo fans for trying to save their team. And it does feel weird for Bon Jovi to have an ownership interest outside the Greater New Jersey area. Are we sure Seacaucus  isn’t due for an NFL expansion team?