Eagles’ Nick Foles Apparently Not Afraid of Madden Curse

Nick Foles is in the cover athlete bracket for Madden 2015. Some say landing on the cover of the video game comes along with a curse. Spooky!

The Madden Curse is obviously not a real thing, but it nonetheless has a storied history. But Nick Foles is not worried about it at all. He wants to be on the cover of Madden.

Probably not what the actual cover will look like.

Probably not what the actual cover will look like.

Okay, a lot of players do. But in a new video — via The 700 Level, which notes this appears to have been filmed with one of the first digital video recorders ever invented — Foles begs for your vote in the 2015 Madden cover bracket.

Foles was rated an 87 overall in Madden 25, the game’s previous edition. He’s bound to go even higher after his 27-touchdown, 2-interception season in 2013.

Foles — a 7 seed on the left side of the bracket, as if this actually means anything — is up against No. 2 seed Colin Kaepernick in the first round. Go vote for him! Unless you’re superstitious — then don’t, I guess.

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