Penn Revises Sex Violence Policy

Adds provisions about stalking, domestic violence.

There’s been a lot of talk around these partsand nationally — about how colleges handle reports of sexual assault, so it’s no surprise Penn has unveiled revisions to its own policies regarding sexual violence. The Daily Pennsylvanian reports:

The proposed additions, released in the Almanac on Tuesday, would add specific definitions for relationship violence, domestic violence and stalking to the policy banning sexual violence amongst faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus. The previous policy only defined rape, non-forcible sex acts and consent. The policy was last updated in 2012.

If the proposal is approved, Penn will define relationship violence as “a pattern of abuse committed by a person, past or present, involved in a sexual or romantic relationship with the victim.” It will encompass physical, sexual, emotional or economic violence. Domestic violence will be defined as “abuse committed against an adult who is a spouse or former spouse, cohabitant or someone with whom the abuser has a child, has an existing dating or engagement relationship, or has had a former dating or engagement relationship.”

Further suggested revisions to the policy should be sent to Vice President for Institutional Affairs Joann Mitchell by May 20.