Colorado Strikes Back Against Christie Pot Slam

Gov. John Hickenlooper compares quality-of-life statistics.

So maybe Gov. Chris Christie shouldn’t have slammed legalized pot in Colorado by saying “it’s just not the quality of life we want to have.” That made Coloradoans mad.

Including their governor, it turns out. John Hickenlooper’s office responded with a list of comparative state rankings on quality-of-life issues:

America’s Top States for Business
# 7 Colorado
#42 New Jersey

The Best State for Business and Careers
#5 Colorado
#32 New Jersey

Is your state creating jobs and economic growth?
#14 in economic performance, Colorado
#33 in economic performance, New Jersey
#2 for innovation and entrepreneurship, Colorado
#14 for innovation and entrepreneurship, New Jersey
#8 for business climate, Colorado
#49 for business climate, New Jersey

The States of Our Union … Are Not All Strong / We ranked all 50, from fabulous to failed.
#7 Colorado
#12 New Jersey

Find Out How Your Community Measures Up / State ranks
#7 Colorado
#23 New Jersey

Top State Technology and Science
#4 Colorado
#15 New Jersey”

“A lot of people think Colorado is great place to live, work and play,” Hickenlooper’s office said. We’re sure Chris Christie will refrain from inflammatory comments in the future. (ABC 7)