Phillies Tickets Are Really Expensive

Only the Cubs,Yankees and Red Sox charge more

The Phillies are riding a three-game winning streak. Chase Utley’s knees haven’t given out yet. Ryan Howard has already hit almost half as many home runs after 10 games as he did in all of 2013. So we’re not inclined to grump about this following news too much … yet. CBS Philly reports:

According to a recent survey in the online publication “The Street,” the average Phillies ticket costs $37.42. Only the Cubs,Yankees and Red Sox charge more.

To be fair, the Phillies held off on raising prices during the off-season. Unlike Boston, which celebrated its World Series victory by jacking up ticket prices by nearly five-percent. Red Sox fans now pay an average of $52.32 to get through the gate.

Of course, that’s the average price. You can still get upper-deck nosebleed tickets for $17 a pop — before taxes and other fees kick in.