Here Comes the Nor’Easter

Yes, it's March. Yes, it's spring. No, it doesn't feel like it. Got a problem?

NBC 10 says to get ready for the Nor’Easter:

Most of the day Tuesday, temperatures will be above freezing limiting accumulation to colder grassy areas. But as it gets colder Tuesday evening, snow is likely to stick to roads and sidewalks making for slippery condition into Wednesday morning.

Current models are indicating 1 to 3 inches of snow for our area.

The National Weather Service at Mt. Holly adds:

Here is the latest snowfall accumulation map for Tuesday and Tuesday night. Snow is expected to occur in spurts and not be steady for 18 to 24 hours. There might also be some rain mixed in places toward the Atlantic Ocean . Given half of the snow is expected to fall during the day Tuesday, less snow will accumulate on paved surfaces.

At this point, the amount of snow matters less than the sheer cussed fact we’re going to get any at all. Cuss words! Cuss words I say!