Penn State Trustee Resigns, Regrets Paterno Firing

Alvin Clemens says "injustice" perpetrated. reports: “Penn State University Board of Trustees member Alvin Clemens announced his resignation Friday, the Associated Press reported, saying that the Board’s 2011 decision to fire Joe Paterno represented a ‘rush to injustice.'”

Clemens has served on the Penn State board since 1995, but is one of the plaintiffs in the Paterno family lawsuit seeking to overturn the NCAA’s sanctions against the Nittany Lion program, sanctions that included the vacation of 111 of Paterno’s wins at Penn State.

“In joining the Paterno family and others in their suit against the NCAA, I have distanced myself from the board on this issue,” Clemens said. “I am determined to reverse all of the misguided sanctions, which were designed to punish a football program without blemish, and were aimed at student-athletes innocent of any wrongdoing.”

Paterno was fired in 2011, after his onetime assistant Jerry Sandusky was indicted on child molestation charges.