Is After-Midnight Service Returning to SEPTA Subways?

Transit agency reportedly mulling a weekend pilot program that could extend subway service till 3 a.m.

This week we told you about Conrad Benner’s petition to have SEPTA’s Broad Street and Market-Frankford lines run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Then we interviewed Benner and asked him to elaborate.

Today, the Inquirer reports that it’s more than mere wishful thinking:

SEPTA may restore late-night service on the weekends to the Broad Street Subway and Market-Frankford lines, agency officials said Thursday.

Because of increasing night-life and residential activity in Center City, SEPTA may continue service after midnight, when subways now are replaced by “night owl” buses, general manager Joseph Casey said.

The service might continue until 3 a.m., officials said. Initially, it would be limited to Friday and Saturday nights, and perhaps in a pilot program, they said.

So not quite 24-hour service, but certainly a boon to all those who have to — or just like to — close the bar.