Main Line Lawyer Charged With Smuggling Wine

Arthur David Goldman was clearly a menace to society.

CBS reports that Arthur David Goldman has been charged with smuggling high-end wines and selling them out of his home.

Officials say they initiated an investigation using an undercover officer after receiving a tip that Goldman was selling high-end wine not available through Pennsylvania Wine and Spirit Stores. Goldman reportedly said to that officer, “How do I know you aren’t an agent for the PLCB?” before providing a 97-page list of wines that were available for sale either from his personal wine cellar or by order. Goldman also had an email mailing list of people he’d illegally sold or offered to sell wine to that he frequently updated as new wines became available.

This is one of those cases where we wish our conservative “privatize the state store” friends and our liberal “smoke ’em if you got ’em” friends could find common ground. What threat does Arthur David Goldman pose to society? Pretty close to nil, it seems. But hey, at least the authorities got Philly’s equivalent of Frasier Crane of the mean streets of the Main Line. Whatever.