Reddit Has Some Etiquette Tips for SEPTA

A list of much-needed social cues.


Here are a select few SEPTA etiquette tips from the good people of Reddit.

  • If there’s a line of people waiting to get on the bus and you’re paying cash, let the people with tokens and passes go first. Especially if the weather sucks.
  • Stand like a statue on the train platform in the exact spot the doors of train will be when it gets there. Don’t move out of the way for people getting off the train. Because oh dear you might not get a seat! The men I see doing this are complete pussies.
  • if you have to puke because of your all-night shenanigans please make a quick exit/stop and puke in the street and not all over the chairs and the aisle
  • stop eating Mcdonalds when I’m hammered and hungry.
  • Someone took a shit on the 60 bus today.

A Regional Rail conductor chimed in too, with some more specific advice: “Tell me (train conductor) where your final destination is on the regional rail. We will usually give you the cheapest/easiest way to get there. Don’t say 30th street then tell me after I give you your ticket how to get the trenton train.”