Jon Bon Jovi Debunks Rumor He’s Buying NFL’s Buffalo Bills

And that's not the reason Richie Sambora is gone from the band.

Yes, Jon Bon Jovi wants to be an NFL owner someday. No, he’s not trying to buy the Buffalo Bills. But that may only be because the Buffalo Bills aren’t for sale—yet.

Bon Jovi’s publicist on Monday refuted reports that Bon Jovi is “positioning” himself to pursue the Bills; the team’s current owner Ralph Wilson has said he won’t sell in his lifetime … but he’s 95. So. “The Bills are not for sale, and he has too much respect for Mr. Wilson to engage in any discussions of buying the team,” Ken Sunshine said, referring to Ralph Wilson, the team’s Hall of Fame owner.

And how about this?

Sunshine disputed another portion of the report, which cited unidentified music industry sources as saying Bon Jovi’s pursuit of an NFL team was likely connected to the dismissal of the band’s longtime lead guitarist, Richie Sambora, in April.

Sunshine said the split had nothing to do with Bon Jovi’s NFL aspirations and referred to previous reports that Sambora was never fired. He noted the guitarist said he was dropping out of the band’s world tour because of “personal issues.”