ThinkFest Snapshot: Wayne Kimmel

Our New Creative Culture: True Tales from Philly's Start-Up Scene.

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should not miss ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia. 

Wayne Kimmel‘s title is founder and managing partner of SeventySix Capital, but that only scratches the surface. Entrepreneur, venture capitalist and volunteer, Kimmel has titles and awards from multiple boards and organizations, including being named one of Philadelphia magazine’s “Smartest People in Philadelphia” in 2012. Wayne’s latest fund, Bread, was acquired by Yahoo in October, which marks the company’s third “exit” in 2013.

With fellow business tycoons at coworking space Benjamin’s Desk—otherwise known as start-up central and a hub for like-minded professionals to collaborate in Philadelphia—Kimmel will be sharing tales from his experiences on the start-up scene. The panelists will  discuss the art of creative collaboration and what we can expect from Philadelphia’s greatest innovators in the future.

You can catch Wayne Kimmel, Manu Gambhir, managing partner of Thrive Gaming, Lindy Snider, CEO of Lindiskin and Robert A. Zuritsky, president of the Parkway Corporation, at the panel conference “Our New Creative Culture: True Tales from Philly’s Start-Up Scene at Benjamin’s Desk,” one of ThinkFest’s on-location events, Friday, November 8th, at Benjamin’s Desk, 1701 Walnut Street, seventh floor, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Learn more about ThinkFest (featuring keynote speaker Chris Matthews) and buy your tickets now.