Sandusky Asks Pa. Supreme Court to Take Up His Case

Jerry's last resort?

Jerry Sandusky today appealed to Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court to ask it to grant him a new trial. A month ago, a lower court denied a similar appeal. Sandusky’s main argument this time is that the jurors in his original trial were not notified about the amount of time it look his victims to come forward.

The petition argues that [Superior Court] Judge John Cleland’s decision not to issue the “failure to make a prompt report” jury instruction was catastrophic to the defense strategy. “It cut the heart out of (Sandusky)’s main defense,” they wrote.

Regarding the recent settlement Penn State agreed to pay 26 victims, Sandusky’s lawyer added, “My guess is that the jurors never dreamed that the complainants would become multimillionaires.” Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of argument that’s going to win over the high court. [AP]