Jim Kenney Writes Moving Love Letter to Sriracha

Begs hot sauce company to move to Philly.


Today we learned that Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney is an undying lover of “ambrosial” Sriracha rooster hot sauce. There was talk of a global Sriracha shortage ever since the SoCal city in which the condiment is manufactured filed suit against the company for the fumes its factory was producing. (Sriracha bootleggers are already rife, so beware!) In response, Kenney is asking the company to move here.

Here’s his letter, which he was kind enough to format into a top-ten list. The best reason to move? #3: “…What you may not know is that if you look at the statue from exactly the right angle, it looks just like William Penn is holding his … favorite bottle of Sriracha hot sauce.” Unfortunately for Kenney–and the city–a judge has ruled today that the Sriracha factory may stay open after all.

Photo: Wikimedia commons