More Than 50 Temple Students Arrested on Homecoming Weekend

Authorities really are cracking down on campus drinking this year.

After a brief respite, the Temple News reports that campus authorities are cracking down—again—on student drinking, arresting more than 50 students during homecoming weekend.

The News reports:

According to Temple Police statistics, more than 320 students have been arrested or cited under the Student Code of Conduct this semester. The majority, 270, of those incidents occurred in the first four weekends of the semester after which CSS said it pulled back enforcement to view the effect.

However, during Homecoming weekend, campus police again patrolled near campus to curb student parties and drinking, citing 52 in a four-day span.

“We started getting reports again about behavior issues, and we also knew that it was Homecoming weekend and we were getting reports of lots of parties,” Acting Executive Director of Campus Safety Services Charlie Leone said.

Penn has also been cracking down on student drinking, the paper reported.