Beware the Latest Center City Con Artist

Her sob story sounds awful. And awfully familiar.

A post to Reddit suggests there’s a con artist scamming folks in Center City:

She’s about 40-50 years old, relatively well-dressed, African-American, wavy hair (typically in a short ponytail) with a curl of hair gelled to her cheek à la 1920’s flappers.

I see her ALL THE TIME in the Rittenhouse/Center City area. Sometimes she wears a neck brace, usually has a few shopping bags in tow, her makeup is always running and she’s always recounting some fake trauma to hapless passersby while asking for their [financial] help. Totally taking advantage of kindhearted people.

She got me and my girlfriend with the neck brace and a tale of how her boyfriend just slapped her and took off in their car. I caught her conning a young guy the other day with a similar story and she froze once she realized someone was on to her game.

So be on the lookout.