The Best Phillies Memory From A Bad Season

No playoffs. Not even a .500 record. Still, it wasn't all bad, was it?

The 700 Level takes a look at the 20 best moments from this doomed DOOMED I SAY! Phillies season. The best moment? Those few weeks in the spring when it seemed Domonic Brown might finally be justifying the hype that once attended him.

“If you remember this Phillies season for one thing and one thing alone, let’s hope it’s for the span of late May to early June, where there was simply no hotter hitter on the planet than Domonic Brown,” writes Andrew Unterbarger. “The potential long-promised from the Phillies’ 25-year-old outfielder took such a long time to consistently show itself that many understandably assumed it had just never existed in the first place. Then Dom hit ten homers in 11 games, taking the baseball world by storm and securing his first All-Star bid (though somehow, not a slot on the NL’s squad for the home run derby–thanks, David Wright and Michael Cuddyer). With the possible exception of watching LeSean McCoy juke his way out of a sure tackle, there was simply no sight in Philly sports this year more exciting then Dom squaring up on a ball on the outside corner for those couple of weeks.”

Of couse, Brown hit his last homer in mid-August, which makes the whole thing a bit less fun. Still, we take our relief where we can find it. Wait till next year!