Welcome to the New Phillymag.com

A peek behind our redesign.


We’ve changed.

This week, we roll out a completely redesigned phillymag.com–the product of lots of thinking, lots of conversations, and lots of hard work by a lot of different people. I’m a believer in letting things like redesigns speak for themselves, but I wanted to point out a few of the changes we’ve made (and our reasons for making them):

* More news. The biggest shift you’ll notice is much greater visibility for all the daily content we create on our blogs–from the latest headlines about what’s happening in Philadelphia, to up-to-the-minute news about the Eagles, to the latest information in the worlds of health, restaurants, real estate and more. In our new design, content from our blogs will show up, chronologically, under the “Latest Stories” headline on the home page.

Our goal is for you to be plugged into what’s happening and what matters in Philadelphia right now, and this new approach makes that easier to do.

* Goodbye, Philly Post. We’ve retired the name The Philly Post–though don’t fear, Post fans, the great content and voice will live on. When we launched the Post three-and-a-half years ago, it was our first serious foray into daily news and commentary. The big traffic spike we’ve seen since then tells us that was exactly the right strategy, but we’ve also come to realize that the name The Philly Post was a little confusing to some people. (And, indeed, some people didn’t even seem to realize the Post was associated with Philadelphia magazine).

So we’re taking all the news and commentary the Post is known for and placing them under the “News” portion of the web site. Again, the tone and content will remain the same, it’s just the branding we’re trying simplify. It all comes from Philadelphia magazine, and you can find it all at phillymag.com.

* A more cohesive look. One downside to the fast growth we’ve seen in the last few years was a lack of consistency from one part of the site to another in terms of design and functionality. We’ve made everything much more cohesive and easier to use, and also closer to the look of our print magazine.

* Two new blogs. HughE Dillon’s must-see photos from parties and events will now be found on The Scene. Lifestyle editor Emily Goulet will give you daily reports on style, fashion and shopping at Shoppist. (And we have plans for more blogs in the next few months.)

Those are the highlights. We’re curious to hear what you like, what you don’t like, and what we can do better. Let me know through email at tmcgrath@phillymag.com or on Twitter @tmcgrathphilly.