If You Shut Brian Sims Up, He Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

It seems that Daryl Metcalfe’s refusal to let Brian Sims speak on the House floor has, in some ways, worked out pretty well for Sims. Sims, a Philly Democrat, had already drawn attention for being the first openly gay rep elected to the Pennsylvania House, but the outcry over Metcalfe’s action seems to have given him a national constituency—not bad for a freshman state legislator.

The latest proof? The American Prospect, a national lefty magazine, is featuring an interview with Sims at its website right now. Topics range from Sims’ open dislike of Metcalfe to fracking to dating to religion. A quick excerpt:

You’ve developed a reputation for reaching out to your colleagues across the aisle, but how do you work with someone as extreme as Daryl Metcalfe? Do you think he’s a nice guy?

I don’t, and I don’t mind saying that. I don’t think he thinks I should be able to have the job that I do. But I find him to be very useful. As a progressive, there are times that I get very frustrated with the extreme, far left of the party. I not only think that they can detract from the greater good of the ideology, but give ammunition to our opponents. That’s what Chairman Metcalfe does for Democrats. He offers us an opportunity to see what the other side would, could, and wants to do if given the chance.

Warning to Daryl Metcalfe: You silence Sims, you only make him more powerful.