Mayor Nutter Really Doesn’t Like That Ad Campaign Against Him

Turns out Mayor Nutter really doesn’t like this ad:

It’s been viewed around 70,000 times—though, admittedly, we’re not sure if that number includes the times it’s pre-rolled as an advertisement playing before the YouTube video you’re actually trying to watch.

In any case, Mayor Nutter says the ads are designed to shift pressure away from the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, and concessions that union supposedly needs to make in order to restore the district to financial health. CBS Philly reports:

“It’s part of a planned distraction campaign that gets all of you talking about that and not talking about how we select teachers to be in classrooms, how we bring back folks to fill vacancies, whether or not folks should pay something for their health care,” Mayor Nutter said.

The mayor said his efforts have generated $155 million in new city funding for schools while state funding was reduced. Now, he says the union is being pressed to make $133 million in contract concessions.

The union’s contract ends Sunday. School officially begins Sept. 9.