Is Kathleen Kane Running for Governor?

Given all the political noise she’s been making lately, Attorney General Kathleen Kane might just be eyeing up Tom Corbett’s seat, potentially making her one of at least six Democrats running for governor. Writes TribLive’s Brad Bumsted:

“Here’s the scenario: What if, by January, there is no clear Democrat front-runner to take on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett? The Democrats realize they may have the best opportunity in modern history to knock out an incumbent governor.”

And, so, Kane’s actions as of late—the rejection of the state’s DOMA law, blocking Corbett’s plans to privatize the lottery system, a coming report regarding blockage of the Jerry Sandusky investigation in the November 2011 election season—might just show that the Attorney General has some high hopes.

Plus, she’s popular:

“Kane was the top vote-getter statewide in 2012, outpolling even Barack Obama.”

“Kane is arguably the most popular Democrat in Pennsylvania at the state level.”

However, Kane’s run as attorney general only started in January, and before that she served as an assistant district attorney for Lackawanna county, which admittedly is a bit thin for a gubernatorial hopeful’s resume. And, of course, she’s pledged to serve out her four years in office. A loss, as Bumsted notes, would hurt her political career immensely.

A risky move, to be sure. Though, so too was handing over defense of DOMA to Corbett’s lawyers. But at this point, that type of spunk might do our legislature well. [TribLive]