City Hall Trayvon Martin Event to Draw Speech from Mayor Nutter

The backlash from the verdict of the Trayvon Martin case isn’t over yet, but it does appear to be taking a more sensible path than the riots predicted immediately following the trial’s close—at least in Philly. Tonight marks the start of Philly reACTS: The Heart Beneath the Hood, a new public performance program focusing on substantial current events, this time being the Martin/Zimmerman ordeal. Mayor Nutter is even getting involved, with a speech scheduled alongside other performing guests like Sonia Sanches, Michelle Myers Badia, DJ Foxx Boogie, and Hot 107.9’s Laiya St. Clair in the City Hall courtyard. If you’re attending, be sure to bring a hoodie to donate—organizers will be using them to construct a patchwork community flag to fly in Center City. [ArtsPhilly]