Vince Fumo Is Leaving Prison

The Inquirer reports that former All-Powerful State Sen. Vince Fumo, imprisoned these past four years on 139 corruption charges, is leaving prison and coming to a halfway house in Philadelphia.

Fumo must report to the Kintock Group halfway house at 301 E. Erie Ave. He will be transferred to the supervision of the community corrections managers of the Bureau of Prisons for the last six months of his sentence. Under standard federal prison procedures, his 61-month term was reduced seven months as a reward for good behavior.

Wait for it…

When authorities determine he is ready, Fumo will finish his community confinement in his 33-room Green Street mansion.

There you go! Who says crime doesn’t pay! Fumo is still fighting prosecutors, the IRS, and even his own children over money issues, though, so it’s not necessarily going to be a golden retirement for him.