Are You Ready To Take The Train to KOP Mall? You’ll have to wait.

PlanPhilly reports:

SEPTA’s next big idea – the King of Prussia Rail Line – is moving forward. This week the Authority hosted a public scoping meeting to provide an update and solicit feedback.

The process of simply planning an extension like this is a long one though, and SEPTA is upfront about that.

“We are many years away from engineering and design,” said Byron Comati, SEPTA’s director of strategic planning and analysis.

He stressed that this is a long-term project and said, “If you don’t plan, you never build, so the planning process has to start somewhere.”

As other observers have noted, SEPTA will mostly want to ensure it has funding enough to maintain its existing routes before it gets into the business of creating new ones. Don’t expect to see that KOP route anytime soon.