Ori Feibush Doesn’t Like It When You Call Him a “Shady, Crass, Money Driven Developer”

Ori Feibush builds building. Point Breeze resident gets upset. Ori Feibush launches counterattack. If you’ve followed Ori’s career at all, none of this should be surprising. But this latest episode has brought the legal guns out, and has become a little more intense than usual. Or as Liz Spikol puts it over at Property: Spicy.

Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush is at odds with fellow resident Haley Dervinis over Feibush’s plan to build four homes on 20th Street, where Dervinis’ home is. He says she’s made defamatory comments about him on public forums. [E.g. “Shady, “Crass,” “Cut throat.”] She says she’s just exercising free speech.

So his lawyer’s threatening to sue her if she makes just one more during a public hearing taking place this very moment. For more on exactly what’s going there, follow the Daily News‘s Jan Ransom who’s live-tweeting the ZBA meeting where the fate of the project will be decided.

Final point of irony: One of the biggest complaints Point Breezers make about Ori is that he’s a Center City carpetbagger trying to push them out of their neighborhoods. The project many are opposing today? (Including powerful neighborhood association South Philly H.O.M.E.S., which used to support it?) That’s where Ori’s trying to build a home for himself. [Property]