[Updated] Sarah Murnaghan Gets Lung Transplant

[Updated: 12:05 pm] 6ABC reports:

Sarah Murnaghan, who suffers from severe cystic fibrosis, was receiving the transplant Wednesday at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a family spokeswoman said.

Murnaghan’s mother, Janet, said in a Facebook post that the family was “overwhelmed with emotions” and thanked all her supporters.

“Today is the start of Sarah’s new beginning and new life!” she wrote.

[Original: 11:23 am] So says Kyle Carmean at Fox29:

This after a policy change on Monday: Politico reports:

The national panel that sets organ donation policy on Monday ordered a yearlong review of the guidelines for allocating lungs to dying children — but also allowed for a case-by-case review by an expert panel in the interim.

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network made the decision at an unusual emergency session. The cases of two seriously ill children hospitalized in Philadelphia have drawn congressional attention to the policy and prompted a highly unusual intervention by a federal judge after the families sued the U.S. government and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Sarah Murnaghan, 10, and Javier Acosta, 11, have cystic fibrosis and need lung transplants. Both have been on the waiting list for pediatric donors — but those are rare. The families want them to also be eligible to receive lungs from adult donors, and because of the temporary court order Sebelius, did place them on the adult waiting list. The current policy puts children under 12 at the end of the list of those who could receive donated adult lungs.