Chuck Peruto Not Welcome At Girlfriend’s Funeral

It sounds like Julia Law’s death over the weekend has all the elements needed to become a high-profile Nancy Grace tabloid machine for weeks and weeks: A beautiful young woman dies a mysterious death in the home of her boyfriend, a flash mob lawyer. The only problem with the narrative: As yet, no indication of an actual crime. The Inquirer reports:

Although an autopsy has been completed, the city Medical Examiner’s Office will not rule on the cause of Julia Papazian Law’s death until after reviewing results of toxicology tests that are pending, police said Tuesday.

“All we can confirm right now is that there were no obvious signs of trauma to her body,” said Lt. John Stanford, a police spokesman.

The Inky adds that the boyfriend, lawyer Chuck Peruto, and other members of his firm where Law worked, have been asked to stay away from her funeral:  “If you’re there, there will be media there, and the focus will be on her death,” Peruto was reportedly told by the family “We want to bury our little girl.”