Watch: See the Trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s New TV Show About Lesbian Moms

ABC Family drama The Fosters follows a same-sex multi-ethnic family, and airs June 3.

ABC Family released a trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming TV show, The Fosters, and announced that it will debut on June 3.

Lopez produced the show, which, according to its press site,  is a “compelling, one-hour drama about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms.”

As you may remember, One Million Moms began protesting the show last fall, long before it was even picked up by ABC Family. Just for shits and grins, their ridiculous statement went like this: “Obviously, ABC has lost their minds. … One Million Moms is not sure how the explanation will be given on how the biological children were conceived. None of this material is acceptable content for a family show … Let’s stop this dead in it its tracks.”

They obviously missed the boat on shows like Modern Family and The New Normal, which have been on air — and killing it in the ratings game — for a while now. Anyway, enough of the silliness. You can see the trailer for the show below.

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