Of Course the State’s Website Crashes On Tax Day [Updated]

Pennsylvania has been lauded by the Tax Foundation (they study taxes) as having one of the very most transparent state websites in the country, when it comes to ascertaining information about taxes.

  • Along with Colorado and Massachusetts, it’s one of only three states in which it takes only “2 clicks” to find out what you personal income tax rate is.
  • It’s one of only 5 states that features information on all six of the most relevant pieces of tax information you’ll need.

Woo! Except for two things: 1. It proved near-impossible to do your taxes in Philadelphia this weekend, due to some well-chronicled technical difficulties with the city’s revenue website; 2. Ditto for that much-lauded PA website I just mentioned. Because this is what happens when you go there:



Update [6:21 p.m.]: Tom Corbett has given you all an extra day to file your taxes, due to the message you’re seeing above. (The site is now live, though.)