Will Pat Toomey Save The Gun Bill?

The Washington Post suggests that Pennsylvania’s deeply conservative senator, Pat Toomey, may be the only person who can bring a gun bill to the president’s desk. But why would he? ”

So, why is Toomey involved in talks on background checks? Because, at his core, Toomey is not a pure ideologue but rather a political survivor. Prior to running against Specter in 2004, Toomey spent three terms representing a swing-ish House seat in northeastern Pennsylvania. And, while he clearly touted his conservative bona fides when he ran against Specter in 2004, he cast himself much more as a pragmatic pol during his 2010 win;.”

Needless to say it’s exactly the kind compromise that Toomey would’ve savaged the late Arlen Specter for making. So: Fun!