Phillies’ Minor League Matchup: Live Ostriches Vs. Urine-Powered Gaming

Baseball season is here! In Philadelphia, that means months of griping and second-guessing every at-bat, every managerial move until the Phils either do or do not make the playoffs, at which point either sadness sets in—or, given this city’s prevailing sports mood, is merely delayed a few more weeks.

The minor-league affiliates don’t have that problem. They want to putt butts in the seats, and they do not care how ridiculous they appear in order to do so. We already told you last week about the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, and their new urinal-powered gaming system for the men’s bathrooms.

Now we have the Reading Phillies, via The 700 Level, and their live ostriches:

Given the relative dearth of prospects in the system right now, it seems possible that an ostrich or a toilet game will get the callup to the major leagues before anybody on the actual baseball rosters. SO how about it, Phillies fans? Would you rather see ostriches or pee-powered gaming at Citizens Bank ballpark?