Meet the Philly Women Who Want to Be Priests

A group of females who would like to be Catholic priests demonstrated today, as is their wont on Holy Thursday, in front of the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Logan Square.

“A few feet away a group of counter-demonstrators … mostly children … holding up signs in support of continuing an exclusively male priesthood.”

You have to love Newsworks’s (perhaps inadvertent) use of ellipses here, suggesting they’re so dismayed by the facts they’re reporting (mostly children?) they needed to pause and catch their breath. Said one counter-protester, further adding to the unintentional humor of this report: “The priesthood is not the role Christ set up for women,” Burdett said. “We’re not against them, they are probably beautiful, but we support the church the way Christ established it.” Don’t hate them cause they’re beautiful! [Newsworks]