Is Frank Rizzo Running for Mayor?

Frank Rizzo–fils–is mulling a run for Mayor. And like his father did several times in his career, the 70-year-old former City Councilman plans on switching party affiliation to do so, from Independent to Democrat. (Rizzo II served as a Republican in City Council for 15 years, until being ousted in 2011.) Asked to recall a few specific accomplishments from his time in City Hall, Rizzo came up with this:

Persuading the state police to provide 50 state troopers to patrol interstate highways in Philadelphia, and initiating the creation of a cellphone lot near the airport where people could wait for arriving flights without parking on the shoulders of I-95.

To make his life even more difficult, Rizzo has come out as a fan of Michael Nutter, who these days has managed to irk everyone from homeowners to public sector unions to, well, people who get sick. The Mayor “has done a great job, in my opinion, after getting the city’s financial situation back in line,” Rizzo said. []