You’ll Never Guess Philly’s Sole Representative on TIME’s “Twitter 140” (Yes You Will)

And the award goes to…D.A. Seth Williams! For his fearless following of pornographic twitter accounts! Oh, nope, sorry that was just me dreaming. The real winner of Time‘s annual Twitter power rankings, of course, was Mr. Questlove:

Questlove tweets at a frenetic pace, whether he’s promoting his 9-5 gig on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, geeking out over drum gear or sharing Instagrams of his solo DJ sets and performances with The Roots. His enthusiasm is infectious.

There’s something about Time magazine gushing about cool Twitter feeds that neutralizes any coolness they may have had. Time also makes the grievous error of canonizing econo-wonk power couple Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, whose frequent retweets of one another’s work surely constitute Twitter malpractice.