Delaware Court Rules: Ex-Wife’s Bite Really, Really Hurt

The Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that Ewelina Mrozik Kulowiec, was properly convicted of assault in a 2011 attack on her ex-husband, ruling that she really did hurt him when she bit him during the fight.

In other words, she didn’t just bite him a little bit.

Courthouse News Service reports that Kulowiec confronted her husband, Nacoma Kulowiec, an Air Force reservist, at the air base in Dover after having been serviced with divorce papers. The two struggled over a gun she had in a purse; during the fight she ended up biting her husband several times. She was convicted of assault in the bites, but appealed, saying she’d barely harmed her husband.

A three-judge panel of the Delaware Supreme Court concluded Tuesday, however, that Ewelina caused more damage than that.

“Nacoma testified that he was injured during the struggle with his wife,” Justice Randy Holland wrote for the panel. “He described being bitten four times and described his wife as ‘fighting like a man.’ He stated that when he attempted to exit his car, his wife was biting his back such that ‘she was still attached to my back near my shoulder.'”

The emergency-room report showed that, three hours after the incident, Nacoma still had several areas that were “red and inflamed,” along with “bruising, abrasions, erythema and swelling around the human bite marks.”

The lesson? It’s OK to bite, so long as you don’t leave a really nasty mark.