More Homophobic Buffoonery from Pennsyltucky

U.S. Councilman Matt Stanizweski is in hot water after posting an offensive message on his city's mass transit system.

U.S. Councilman Matt Stanizweski, from Washington, Pa., is getting an ear full this week after he sent out a message on the city’s transit alert system that said, “This is a test. Bryan is gay.” He claims he didn’t realize the system was live when he sent the message, but that doesn’t make the situation any better.

City of Washington mayor Brenda Davis has called his move “inappropriate and unprofessional,” but that doesn’t even begin to describe how absurd his attempts at back-peddling have been. “His response was that he sent it out and it wasn’t him saying Brian is gay. He said gay means happy,” Davis says in an article on “Maybe in the 1950s that’s what it meant, but we are in a new era now and that doesn’t represent the City of Washington.”

I guess he heard that … Or maybe not. Later, Stanizweski released a response to the mayor, saying, “It’s offensive and unprofessional for the mayor to automatically assume one definition of the word when there are multiple definitions.”

Oh, please. Grow a pair and admit you’re wrong.

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