Yes, But Nnamdi Asomugha Has A Really Nice Car

What a weird story. “WIP Radio’s Hollis Thomas, who played for the Eagles from 1996 to 2005, reported the information, citing unnamed sources, who told Thomas that Asomugha chose to eat in his car in order to secure some “me time” during the season. The Eagles have asked Asomugha to restructure his contract or they will release him, league sources have told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.” As Deadspin observed: “The cornerback hangs out on his own during lunch? Next they’re gonna say he likes to read. Or maybe he takes walks from time to time. Maybe he even cooks dinner for himself. Cut this man!” And to be fair: Asomugha is currently scheduled to be $15 million in 2013—his car is almost certainly nicer than your actual dining room.