Tom Corbett is Least Popular Governor in Poll’s History

Gov. Tom Corbett has good or excellent ratings from just 26 percent of Pennsylvania voters—the worst showing by any governor in the 18-year-history of the Franklin & Marshall college poll. In fact, the governor was on the wrong side of just about every question in the survey:

The poll also found just 18 percent of state voters approve of Corbett’s proposal to privatize the state lottery system. The governor’s plan has the support of 27 percent of Republicans, 21 percent of independents, and 11 percent of Democrats. … 94 percent of Pennsylvania voters favor background checks for all gun purchases, the poll found. Another 61 percent favor banning high capacity magazines and assault weapons, and limiting gun purchases to one per month … The poll also found 55 percent of state voters oppose legalizing marijuana, but 82 percent favor its use for medical purposes. And on gay marriage, 52 percent of registered voters approve of same-sex marriage, while 41 percent oppose it.

One bit of good news for Corbett: Most Pennsylvanians back his proposal to privatize the state liquor system. Yay? [PennLive]