Will The “Gus Bus” Make a Final Stop in Philly Today?

CBS Philly reports that the Eagles plan to offer Seahawks coordinator Gus Bradley the head coaching job today.

94WIP’s Howard Eskin reports via Twitter that Bradley is coming to town to finalize a deal that will make him head coach of the Eagles, according to a source. Eskin reports that nothing is done yet, but finalizing the deal is the reason for Bradley’s visit. Eskin also reports that former Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt is the other frontrunner for the job.

Whisenhunt? A failed Super Bowl coach whose team quickly fell out of contention? Maybe the Eagles should rehire Andy Reid, in that case.

Enthusiasm for Bradley seems to be high among Eagles fans. Our colleagues at Birds 24/7 captured a number of tweets in support of Bradley, but this one is probably our favorite:

The other reason to root for Bradley: “Gus Bus” sounds awesome. What rhymes with Whisenhunt? [Birds 24/7]