Bowie Releases New Song, Album on the Way

It's not great, but the guy's still weird as hell.

Last weekend I told you about Sing Your Life Karaoke’s Elvis/Bowie karaoke party at Bob and Barbara’s. Well, one of you must have sung your Ziggy Stardust ass off, because you totally secreted a new song from the King of Glam. In honor of his birthday (he’s 66 today!), Bowie just released the first single and video from his upcoming album, The Next Day (due March 12.). The video of “Where Are We Now” — his first single in a decade — finds Bowie in a somber mood contemplating the state of the world through the eyes of a creepy Siamese-twin doll. Honestly, I’m not crazy about the song, but it’s good to see he’s still working — and still totally weird.