Suspected Mobster Now Charged With Murder in South Philly Shooting

If this was a revenge plot, it may have just backfired terribly. Police have charged Anthony Nicodemo with murdering convicted drug dealer and reputed ex-mobster Gino DiPietro Wednesday in South Philly. Though Nicodemo could have killed DiPietro for any number of reasons (some are guessing drugs), there’s another possibility too. According to a 2009 piece by former Inquirer investigative reporter George Anastasia, Nicodemo was named by police as one of nine remaining soldiers in the Joseph Ligambi crime family. Ligambi and several of his associates are currently on trial for racketeering. DiPietro, who was involved in a wiretapped conversation recently played for jurors in court, is said to be co-operating with law enforcement these days. Put it all together, and perhaps Nicodemo was looking to punish DiPietro for spilling on Ligambi. If so, not only did Nicodemo get caught, but the jury will have a hard time believing the defense’s case that the Philly mob isn’t the violent bunch it used to be. [Inquirer]