Sixers Co-Owner Marc Leder Fathered a “Love Child”

If only the 76ers could score as often as their owner! Marc Leder, the Sixers co-owner who hosted the private fund-raiser where Mitt Romney made his infamous comments about the “47 percent” of Americans who don’t pay taxes, has reportedly fathered a “love child” with a fortysomething woman from New York’s Upper West Side. Leder was said to be something of a swinging bachelor after his divorce a few years ago; he’s reportedly agreed to financially support the child and mother. ,“I became the proud parent of a beautiful little girl last January with my former girlfriend of a year,” he told the New York Post. “We maintain a close relationship, and are committed to raising our daughter jointly.” Now for a double-entendre joke about how Andrew Bynum still hasn’t gotten that much action for the Sixers. [New York Magazine]